Got a response to the AI question…

But I am still waiting for more so I will get the first armor set done today. I am going for a space mercenary look for the first set as it is what you start in and you are a space merc searching for your brother (mission europa 1’s hero). Anywho not much to say but work to do! More later tonight when I get to work!

O here is a shot of inspiration art for armor sets… They will go from space suit like to bad ass war machine like the ones in here.

These are just inspiration…I collect a lot of inspirational art prior to creating assets..




8 Responses to “Got a response to the AI question…”

  1. KiltedKey Says:

    As a writer, there’s nothing wrong with googling and taking ideas and inspiration from other sources and creating your own unique take on them. We’d all be lying if something hasn’t inspired us, and as an animator, you clearly agree, and I love it!

    By the looks of it, it seems that as you level up, your armor will get thicker and thicker, not just keep you to the same body size as was the case for ME 1. No complaints from me on that! I would imagine you’d start out as the picture smack in the middle of the page; the guy with just the pistol, and evolve from there. Are you considering changing armor stats and values, based off of if you decide to go with demonic armor, or stick to more human power armor? How thick of armor do you expect end game players to have? I really like the top center one, with the rocket pods on the back. Very different take on power armor! So is the front to back picture underneath it as well. More of a bulked up Dead Space.

    The one underneath the pistol, the blue one, really does scream out a more alien focused suit, and I think the concept of human, alien, or demonic armors having different stats sounds appealing, if you can pull it off. Reward people for looking cool and trying to wear the same gear, and make them think of putting something off color on. But maybe having two demonic gloves is worth it? Mix and match, but give flavor and benefits and cons!

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Yes that is exactly it. I want to have TANKS and Nukers… so the alien armor would be nuking high damage and the bulking ones tanks that take a beating but all start just as you guessed in the small suit =).. I will post the early pics tonight. I can really burn and turn on creating armor =)..

      And having more pieces of that type of armor set gives bonuses a full set a large bonus and possible effect…

      I really hope to bring multiplayer to ME2 post launch and it would be really cool to see what people put together.

      • Anonymous Says:

        How would you change the stats of the armor to affect how we deal damage? I’d love to know how you’d pull that off. Would it be something like demonic armor, with certain sets, make you deal – or take less from – poison attacks or fire, while human suits may be from traditional firearms/explosives, and alien plasma/electric?

        I don’t know the engine, but I’m thinking if the game has a physics engine like it does, there has to be a way to have a weapon push a target back per hit, not just stun them. Oh, perhaps a shield bash if someone gets really close? Or an ability of sorts like that? Have you considered multiple types of shields? Some work better versus certain weapons, or even reflect them or negate them? Is that possible? Too broken?

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        I like that I had resistences on armor in mind but the shields I did not think of.. good idea thanks!…
        Yes they can effect any stat. I would like a set bonus effect also. A reward for fighting for a whole set and maybe having some lack luster pieces but the bonus makes it worth it.

  2. KiltedKey Says:

    Curious: Will there be melee weapons that knock lower quality enemies back physically from the impact? Like that two handed maul, for example? I can’t imagine some zombie taking a hit from that and shrugging it off.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      I like the idea.. I will have to research that though =).. I need to get RAIN running first for that. I am getting ggreat answers here…

      Keep up the good ideas…

      And a master architect is a master thief =-)… Combining others ideas into a new and different idea is the way to go..

      O and I have always loved warhammers art … that will be the look for the big tank armor =).

      • Anonymous Says:

        Sure the shoulder pads are a bit ridiculous, but the world itself, fantastic and 40K, is pretty interesting! The demonic forces are certainly full of armor designs to take inspiration from. Nothing like dangling Chains and skulls!

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        Love me some 40k =) Yes the demon forces have some of the best stuff.. some really good art out there also.

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