Day job has been killing mewawaaw


Took a few moments in a break to adapt some of the example code from Sigil at RAIN and omg it worked first try… I now have on the fly combined nav meshes and its FAST… no added load time!!! IT WORKS!!!! …now back to making the first armor set and then back to AI and making them smart!.. The behavior trees in RAIN are SUPER easy to learn and SUPER strong =).. I will be able to add tons of new gameplay with it!

More later!


BUT today we will be shipping the major project… WEEEE!

As far as ME2.. I have rain working AI chasing me and stopping to attack me. It also is walking waypoints etc. The AI is going to be so much improved!.. I will have them take cover some of them etc…FIRST I have to get the nav meshes combining to form one large nav mesh. And the EXTREMELY helpful RAIN team has even provided me example code!



I hope to be combining nav meshes soon!..

But for now its the day job! More later!


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