Time to start loading assets into the game!


A shot I found where I was getting the base color together for the suit.. next would be detail painting.. then the last seteps ofnormal map matching and rigging.

Ok Got a project at work back to it.. I will try to get images later tonight if I get time if not then on saturday I plan on working while my boy practices baseball…

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 3.28.03 PM


As I get time during the day job for breaks I will update with some in progress shots so you all can see how I put together my assets..

This is the normal mapping/occlusion culling step and hard contour. The color is a grid system to see where I have the most resolution for the texture maps. That is NOT the color he will be that is the next step I will try to get up later really busy at work..



Here is the model of the first armor suit before texturing the second to last step. After texturing Rigging occurs where the model is bound to the pre animated skeleton.



Major milestone here. 90% of the code is done. Now I just need to load assets into this puppy. The armor, rooms, enemies, story events, etc… May sound like alot but with my processes and lego-like design of using pieces to make a whole I am half way done wit the game in just 2 months of after hours work time!!!! =) WOW… ME 1.0 took a year and a half because I had to make EVERYTHING like physics,loaders, exporters, importers, AI, gameplay, assets, etc… crazy undertaking Unity is the perfect situation for me and my skill sets.. =-)

Anywho I hope to have the first armor suit pic up here today or tomorrow. More later


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