Going to finish the first set of armor tonight..

After the first suit is done as in all other assets things move much faster. I only have to finish the normal map and rig it to the skeleton now. Not to much left really on the armor. I had to adjust and create a new shader. So I should get some pretty stuff up later today when I get time to post it.. The day job is pretty busy right now.


9 thoughts on “Going to finish the first set of armor tonight..

  1. Excellent, I’m looking forward to this. I just bought mission europa collectors edition. Loving it so far. The only issue I have is some periodic crashes out of the program. Also it seems to freeze fairly often when melting objects. I’d does this as soon as I hit the ok button. Maybe 30 to 50 percent of the time. I have an iPad air 128gb with the latest version of iOS 8.

    1. Thanks! Thanks for the bug report!… That is a reason I am using unity alos. I do not have tens of thousands of lines of code to keep running with apples changes and additions / rules..

      Love to hear your ideas as we move to Mission Europa 2!

      1. Thanks for the reply, good to see you are still supporting it. One thing I really like about mission europa is the pacing and mix of shooter and rpg elements. I greatly prefer this more deliberate pace than your more traditional shooters.

        I hope this same pace and overall vibe is retained for mission europa 2.

        One last thing, on your necromancer game I cannot seem to look around while I’m moving the character, I have to stop to turn around and such. I suppose this is just the way the game controls or do I have an issue?

      2. Now that’s a new one I will put that on the list.. I usually go back once a month and take a look at the old apps…
        Thanks for the info.. I pretty much live on this blog so I return messages very quickly =)

        Yes the pacing will be fast and frantic at times but with more exploration this time. IE active environments with randomly scripted events that are tied together to deliver the level.

        If you ever get any opinions or ideas throw them out to us here. That is why I made the blog to share ideas!

  2. Will loot on the ground be the pile of debris that it was in ME 1, or should we expect something akin to Borderlands? Not that I mind the former, lol. Memories…

    1. Loot currently will be a box you look at and see what’s inside 😉 it will list the items abilities and you can grab it or not … Currently the box tosses out of the dead body and lands with physics

  3. Mission europa coll. edition Is definitely crashing and freezing quite a bit. Symptoms seem to be a mixture of crash back to iPad main display, or freezing on one of your splash screens or just a frozen screen when melting stuff. Melting stuff is pretty much
    at least a 50 % chance of a freeze within the game. Other crashes appear to be at random when you die you can either get a frozen splash screen or crash back out to main display . Sometimes the same thing occurs when entering a level.

  4. Hello, Any news on whether mission Europa 1 can be fixed to work with the latest iOS updates? Unfortunate how your necromancer game still works with the latest iOS but not me 1.

    Can’t wait for me 2 by the way.

    1. I have to take some time getting it out and dusting it off I hope to have time to fix it when I have mission Europa 2 at least the early stages in testing 😉

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