Ideas Ideas Ideas

Keep them flowing..the latest is downloadable levels thus saving space on the devices. Especially on the iphone 6+ as most people had to settle with the 16gig version. I KNOW the 16 gig version was a corperate wig thinkiong well make a 16 and a 64 so everyone has to go for 64 instead of a 32… and its a bit more money for 4 times the memory… THEN they cannot keep up demand for the 64 gig and guess what millions stuck with the 16 gig which is 8 games these days with some games hitting a gig… sheesh =)

I am workign with RAIN currently and its behavior trees learning as I go. The only complaint with rain so far is a REAL lack in documentation. … So  I will fill in more when I discover how it works =)


3 Responses to “Ideas Ideas Ideas”

  1. MedicalBenko Says:

    What kind of ideas are you looking for? I have tons for lots of stuff 🙂

  2. KiltedKey Says:

    Really? A lot of people have the 16 gig 6? I have no idea how someone can live with that! I had a 16 gig five, and the operating system was getting to the point that I could install very little on it, I didn’t really take video, or do much else. I could never own the six with that little memory. I was planning on getting the 64 gig, but Sprint had an insiders deal, and I am overjoyed to have the 128.

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