Now that I understand rain and its behavior trees things are rolling again.

The RAIN guys are extremely helpful. They have the best API support I have ever experienced. Rarely have I had people write usable code I can use as almost drop in. The link below has links that explain the trees and their node behaviors.

The plan now is to tie together my combat code and the new nodes I wrote for RAIN.

I need the node to take the AI and go through the steps.

Attack start

Attack charge

Attack fire

Attack finish.

This is using an item. The item is made of up to 3 mods. Each mod has a “use” effect prefab.

The weapon effects have scripts. They are prefabs that are smart and know what to connect to. There will be a script that knows to connect x effect to the muzzle and fire a y effect down field. etc.

To Do:

Mods need a use effect list (can be multiple). And Use Stage. (attack start,attack charge,attack fire)

When the item is going through its stages it looks at the mod effect lists and triggers any effects of that stage. When it triggers it passes in the AI and the item from which you can get the the game object and all items an effect may need.

Then the effect prefab itself does the rest.

The effect prefab detects hits and passes in the attacking AI and the hit AIs and the attacking item. The combat ensues, death or damage. Buffs are calculated to effect the damage then the damage is applied.

Here is more on the system plans


7 thoughts on “Now that I understand rain and its behavior trees things are rolling again.

  1. This game looks really good! I had some ideas for the game but I don’t know anything about programming so I apologise in advance if any of these ideas seem outlandish or impossible to do:

    1. Rare enemies

    They would have a small chance of spawning in a map(e.g.1in100) and would drop items or gold or experience proportional to the level that the enemy spawned in. They also shouldn’t be too hard to defeat as it would kinda suck if you spent hours trying to get one to spawn only to get killed by it.

    2. Crafting ammunition

    I know there was a crafting system in the previous game and I was wondering if you could add craft-able ammunition for weapons. E.g. removing the lead pellets in a shotgun shotgun shell and replacing it with magnesium shavings creates an interesting tactical shell. When fired the shavings burn extremely efficiently making a bright white light come out of the muzzle. This would be good for blinding enemies. The caveat is that all the shavings are used up and no damage is dealt. You can make dragon’s breath rounds by adding chunks of magnesium in a shotgun shell. These chunks don’t burn as efficiently and can be launched for quite a distance and have incendiary properties that the player can exploit. Also if the currency in the game is circular and small(around the size of a dime) you can also create a coin-shot shell. I’m not really sure what benefit shooting coins from a shotgun will give but since they are thrown at a high speed maybe you could give it increased damage?

    3. Sniper rifles

    Sniper rifles should be added to the game so you can take out enemies from long distances.

    4. Separate reload button

    This isn’t really a big deal. It’s just in the iPad version of the previous game it’s kinda hard to reload because the reload button is at the top right corner and can’t be moved. It would just be nicer convenience wise to add a reload button that you can move around or even disable if you don’t need it.

    5. Arena

    Another one that’s not a really big deal. You could add an arena that pits you against enemies that are based on your level. It would be an interesting way to earn experience points and currency.

    6. Three status bars (Health, Mana, Battery)

    I thought of this one while thinking about the origins of the abilities in the first Europa game. Your character can do amazing spells and physical tricks but they were just there with not much information on them.(Unless it’s explained later on in the game or I missed it by accident. I haven’t really finished the game so I apologise if my statement was erroneous in any way.) So I thought of an idea to split the abilities into two groups with two separate status bars(Mana and Battery)


    Magic type abilities. Description:’Dark arts sealed away within the depths of Europa.(or wherever the new game is located) Hidden in sealed rooms for centuries thought of as cursed and witchcraft, these hellish spells draw on your inner focus to unleash their immense power. Some spells are so devastating that to unleash their power, they require a sacrifice…’ (A portion of health or health drained/sec)

    Mana-based ability ideas


    Basic magic. Requires minimal focus(no delay before casting) and minimal mana. Creates a small orb of flame which can be thrown towards enemies singing them and setting them ablaze.


    Advanced magic. Requires mental concentration(delay before casting) and a small reserve of mana. Mid-range attack. Creates a stream of searing flames that shoot out of your palm burning enemies to a crisp.

    Cursed enchantment

    Forbidden magic. Requires the user to gravely wound himself while channeling all their mana.(Also no delay) Halves the player’s life, uses up all mana reserves. Effect: Quadruple damage output across all weapons amd halves all damage for a certain time.


    More modern-ish abilities.Description:’Recent technological advancements have led to the creation of nanomachines unlocking countless abilities that were once thought of as a distant dream. From self-augmentation to being able to manipulate surroundings to your will, almost anything can be done, that is if you have enough battery power…’

    Battery based ability-ideas

    Rapid dermal calcification

    Calcium deposits are encouraged by nanomachines to grow on the skin. The result: increased defence against blunt force trauma( melee attacks ) and slight defence against bullets/energy weapons. Caveat: Dermal calcification restricts movement and slows down the player.


    A dose of adrenaline is administered by nanamachines, increasing reflexes and movement speed. If suffering from cardiac arrest(death) can revive the player.(Although now that I think about it, reviving the player might be a bit game-breaking so maybe scrap the revival part)

    Muscle augmentation

    A dose of testosterone and a mixture of stimulants are administered by nanomachines and directed towards the upper arm muscles buffening both the triceps and the biceps increasing melee ability.

    Telekinetic push

    Nanomachines force increased brainwave activity which is then amplified and released outwards, knocking back enemies(possibly stunning them).

    (Mana should recharge over time as it is just one’s focus and spirit. Battery should also recharge over time.(The suit you wear converts energy lost from respiration in the form of heat and channels it towards the battery converting it from heat energy to electrical energy to chemical energy within the battery pack you carry)

    7. Method of Restoration

    The method for restoring health should be first-aid kits or bandages.
    The method for restoring mana quickly would be a mana potion(because if magic exists then why shouldn’t potions exist too? :D)
    The method for restoring battery would be non-rechargeable batteries or small battery packs.

    Whew! This took a while to write! If you read all this thanks for your consideration! Mission Europa(collector’s edition) was a great game and I can just tell that this new game will far surpass it! Oh and good luck with development! You have my full support! 😀

  2. 1. is going in just like mission europa 1 whichhad mini bosses that randomly might spawn or not. =)

    2. I like this idea I will have to think on it. At first it seems difficuly but an added database entry could add bonuses to ammo I would think…

    3. They are planned not in yet. And will be much better then ME 1 scopes

    4. A better gui is WAY easier with unity and will be developed with a good alpha and beta

    5. good ideas added

    Potions definitely in…THANKS ROCKET FUEL THERE!

    Good stuff!

    Added to wiki

    Keep them coming!

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