Working on prefab system

I will be working on the preb system for weapons today…. So if it is a skeleton then it is asswembled into one mesh and one texture if it is a regular mesh then it will be made out of prefabs REALLY freeing up some creative items with awesome stuff.. Excited and it should not take to long I just need to alter the database really.


2 Responses to “Working on prefab system”

  1. Kenan Mamedov (@Kenan200000) Says:

    Ryan,if ME 2 will have ragdoll physics,will spells/explosives push enemies/make them fly (XD),or spells/explosives will trigger the same result as the bullets?

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      It already does! =) I added that in a while back and yes there is a push and they fly currently I made my own system and copy it to the body when it dies. It last four seconds right now but that may extend as it does take a lot of processor and on a mobile device that is limited =)…

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