Weapon prefabs in and rolling….



!MissionEuropa2_helmet !MissionEuropa2_as


Above is the light Space Merc armor chest piece.

Good stuff! I am now attaching al the wires and cables for comvbat into RAIN etc…. kinda boring stuff but getting closer every step to the goal. I hope to get some good worktime over the next three days with me taking a day off from the day job tomorrow as it has been killing me…..SO as usual more later =)


6 Responses to “Weapon prefabs in and rolling….”

  1. MedicalBenko Says:

    Don’t Forget set armors 😀 “Lionheart’s Light Armor Set” woot woot :3

  2. KiltedKey Says:

    Much better and more natural body posture than ME 1, but as you’ve said before, you were forced to make that system from the ground up. The armor and ligaments are attached a lot more smoothly than they were before. Not sure if I’d want rotting flesh next to good armor, but hey, roleplaying is roleplaying!

    Have to admit, those are some damn nice thighs on him. He’d be able to leg press a car, lol.

    What made you decide to go with an entire leg and entire arm? Make the meshes look better without shoulder pads and boots?

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Thanks! It was more of a time thing. This gives you 10 pieces + amulet and 2 weapons. Still alot there and less inventory spots taken with 4 more types of armor that would be added. 😉

  3. MrSpud Says:

    Instead of having the words “right hand” why not having a blank shadow of a right hand when nothing is equiped? This way you also won’t have words over top the equiped items.

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