Burning the midnight oil…

Update:I got a TON done today in a new home office configuration!… I am almost to using items as it should now… pretty awesome a few more bugs and I will be back to shooting and now the AI can attack while using RAIN. Good stuff More later…


Finally to a really fun but intricate part…. Item and use effects…

The plan:

1. A base class that all uses are derived off of with an attack_stage command.

Passed in are AI_Node for all the AI information,the current state change)

2. This script is store in the mod database and added to the item upon construction. It is a list so multiple can be added per mod per weapon.

3. The scripts can do anything. They will depend on universal helper scripts. Combat is also accessed from here.

Anywho not to complicated and it allows for endless extensibility. On to work!


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