Day job is murder right now

I have way to many hats on at work right now BUT I am still working nights after I get home.. Tonight I get back to integrating the combat system with rain and move forward. It is pretty fun stuff really I like these systems. After that is all wired up I think I am finally down to asset integration and building a first test level! Then I will research the possibility of doing beta testing on my website through a web browser =) .. That would be AWESOME as we could quickly iterate and find out what we all like to see in the game. Back to the day job!


2 Responses to “Day job is murder right now”

  1. Kenan Mamedov (@Kenan200000) Says:

    You probably know that bioshock on iOS was not really a succesful port,I might as well forget about it forever if ME2 will have good guns,spells and physics.I am sure that it will come true eventually.

    I have beaten ME and I found some things kinda pointless or odd,i just want to make sure that ME 2 will have a good balance and stuff like this.Anyway here are my ideas,Ryan:

    1)Less “tier x”spells,just stick to unique spells or make sure that we can mix very similar spells like “fireball”and “flame ball”in order to make a strong spell.It’s just there were too many similar spells in ME,like beams,as an instance,that became obsolete near the end of the game.Why not stick to one beam and collect different upgrades for it until the end of the game?Like vampirism or stun chance and stuff like this.Same with other spells.

    2)A very important (imo)skill,dual wield,in ME became completely useless at higher levels,because of ridiculously strong bosses that 1 hitted you every time unless you was using a shield.

    Some bosses at high levels were easy as pie and some were so difficult that they made me rage.I hope that you’ll balance this somehow,I am not even talking about dual melee weapons,it was a straight suicide.

    I could not even kill Beelzebub or Beelzebb or however he was called with a shield and a melee because I could not even hit him,he took no damage from me,not because of my weapon,no,but because he was out of range,every time,I dunno why lol.

    These are my main and biggest complaints about ME1,it felt like balance was lost at the end of the game.Stats were not even important at all anymore,I was just using armor with a lot of defense,did not even care about stats anymore.I hope something you’ll see this post,mate.

    And one last thing,can you please add some kind of a telekinesis or push spell in ME2?That would be awesome!:)

  2. ryanmitchellgames Says:

    I replied earlier but I lost the reply I love it I took these ideas and placed them in the wiki! =)

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