Techie night,,,

So I have been working with unity I have two decisions. One work with prefabs with scripts attached or have a string deciding the script to work with with each item. Since the armor you wear is run without game objects the decision was made for me .. Each mod can have multiple scripts attached that respond to startup..(build your effects) Run through attack start, attack charge, attack fire, attack finish, attack restart. Thus every item in the game is not a game object thus does not get update calls automatically. I will have to have a system to rectify that. This is good as with all the items in use the overhead is tremendous. So I am working on a system to work this out…. that is tonight…. good times… and after a day at work like I had this is nirvana… 6 differen phone calls with 30 minutes of yealling and problems not caused by me needs time to recover.. .this is therapy =)…. wish this is what I did for a living on my own… the game industry is way worse then the day job =P….

More later……


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  1. prototypicalname Says:

    Hey progress looks good! I was wondering if you had any plan to possibly implement classes into this game? If so I have a few ideas of classes that could actually be a possibility depending on the advancements humanity makes and assuming that this game take place after 2948CE.(The year that the ship in Mission Europa crashes and the events that subsequently come after take place)


    Continuous selective breeding of generations of strong healthy human specimens and complex genetic engineering has created a soldier with an extremely well developed strength genotype. Strictly trained and dieted since birth, berserkers possess unimaginable strength and endurance which is further bolstered by the fact that, through genetic engineering, have less motor nerves within the brain. This gives the berserker the ability to use his muscles to a higher potential than that of average humans. However an underdeveloped intelligence genotype and poor education means that the berserker is not very intelligent and less motor nerves means that the berserker can’t do precision movements that well.


    Strength: +++
    Health: +
    Agility: =
    Intelligence: –

    The sciency bit:
    It is an actual fact that we humans can’t use our muscles to their full potential. We have mental inhibitors set in place to prevent damage our bones and muscles from the exertion of doing so. We also have more motor nerves located within our body. This is what allows us to do precise tasks such as threading a string through a needle. More motor nerves in our body means that our brain has more control over our muscles, and is able to control them to a more precise degree than, let’s say our close-ish relatives(sorry if i offend any creationists as I honestly don’t mean to) the chimpanzee. Scientists say that chimpanzees although being closely related to us, can be up to four times stronger than humans. This is due to the fact that they have less motor nerves in their body. This allows them to use a large portion of their muscles but in turn can’t do precision movements like us humans can. This means that chimps tend to use more muscle than they actually need to do a task. Oh and genotypes are just hereditary genes.

    Class: Average Human

    Just an ordinary, unextraordinary human. Has average abilities but training and good education has given the Human above average strength and intelligence.



    Class: Mage(unimaginative name lol)

    Mages are experts of battlefield skills and techniques. Mages are genetically engineered to have a highly developed intelligence genotype and an increased number of motor nerves. The subsequent intelligent phenotype is nurtured and further improved through am intense educational system designed solely for mages. The large amount of motor nerves allows for extreme precision in the gestures required to execute spells and skills. The caveat to this is that the large number of motor nerves leads to lower usage of muscle potential ultimately weakening the mage. Lack of intense physical training means that mages are more fragile and have less endurance than average humans.(Phenotypes are genotypes which can be and are affected by external factors e.g. Intelligence is affected by education and is therefore a phenotype. There are many schools of thought on this mostly based on the argument of nature vs. nurture so I wouldn’t say my explanations here are completely correct as much about genes are still unknown)



    Anyway I have to say that I really look forward to this game! Oh and I’ll keep posting if I have any more ideas. 😀

  2. prototypicalname Says:

    It seems the minuses on the berserker and mage stats didn’t come out properly. Here’s the proper stats.

    Berserker Stats:

    Strength: +++
    Health: +
    Agility: =
    Intelligence: –
    Energy: – –

    Mage Stats:

    Strength:- –
    Health:- – –

  3. MedicalBenko Says:

    Classes sound awesome, however instead of having to build multiple classes would it be easier to design a skill system like in Skyrim where all you have to do is put points into a skill tree to make you more like a mage or a beserker. Here is a link to the reference:

    • prototypicalname Says:

      That would be a good idea too, although skills are just picked up as drops from enemies but I think maybe you mean traits? If so yeah that would probably be the better layout in terms of simplicity and gives opportunities for experimentation. We could have trees that would focus on the berserker or the mage and as we go higher in the tree we would get better bonuses(maybe at the cost of more skill points?). You could also have it so that the last skill unlocked in each of the trees can only be unlocked if you devoted most or all of you points to that one tree so that it wouldn’t be possible to fill out all the skill trees.

      Oh and I didn’t mean that the classes would limit the skills you use. The berserker would be able to cast the same spells that a mage can although to an obviously weaker degree. You could also use the mage to fight head-on but again the mage would be weaker than the berserker.

      I was thinking along the lines that the stats I showed there would be how your character grows when he levels up. You would also get some points to allocate yourself to allow for variation and uniqueness between everyone’s characters.

      Although now that I think of it maybe we could have a hybrid of the two systems? You can choose a class and the skill trees would also be there but if you chose the berserker class you would spend less points on the berserker skill tree and more on the mage skill tree and vice versa. The human would just have an equal cost with either tree.

      I do hope that Ryan implements the skill trees as that would be awesome and if he does so I’m sure he’ll need help thinking of the traits and abilities each tree would have and I’m sure you and I would be quite happy to help him with that! 😀

      Oh and nice to meet you Benko. 🙂

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        I love the ideas. I think skill trees sound awesome with the ability to build your own class,.,.. IE a mix instead of being locked in! I originally had a skilltree system in Necromancer rising.. .and I went away from it it to more of a item based system in ME1 but I like the idea of bringing it back in ME2 and letting people boost the items in what manner they like. Me I am a nuker but running in head first is also fun as a berserker… Great stuff… and definately in the game..

  4. prototypicalname Says:

    Oh I almost forgot. There should really be an option to respec, so in case we make any mistakes we won’t have to start over from scratch. I don’t expect it to be free of course, it should be worth a large amount of in-game currency or maybe an IAP so that it won’t be abused.

    I also have a suggestion about auto-loot. In the previous game when you walk over a legendary item it would tell you that you found it but the auto-loot won’t pick it up. Now this isn’t anything huge but it was kind of inconvenient having to switch from auto-loot to manual loot and then back again. Could you make it so that auto-loot picks up the legendary item and notifies you that it has done so?

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read all of our collective ideas. Knowing that you are considering all the ideas we have and taking the time to read them means a lot to all those who posted ideas and suggestions. 🙂

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Yessir that will be done. And thanks to you all this gives me the fule to work the late hours.. this weekend is a work weekend.. I plan on getting a lot done as this week has been hell at the day job and did not allow much work time on ME2…. but now there will be time.

  5. MedicalBenko Says:

    No problem always here to help out man 🙂

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