Got a lot done

Update: Wow got a ton done today… if every day was like today I would be done totally in 4 weeks easy… But I have to feed the family with the day job =)…

Anywho I have the weapon systems working from button press through everything down to all of the 3 mods that can make an item. Now I also have it working down to the bottom of an AI’s items it is using… NOW I have to make the system that makes a weapon from the library and places it in the hands of an AI along with dealing with making decisions of what to use and when.  Not really all that bad it is just a couple of hours of work. Then I need to get punch working. Good stuff!


The weapons work great with a TON of flexibility and data driven design. Just wanted to post I am working 😉 more later ;
Next I need to wire in the AI to the same systems


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