Still a little AI stuff left

The fact that I use the cpu to do so much of making my game makes it a bit harder to use foreign APIs. However, Rain is great so far as I am starting to get most of the design patterns and adding to their forums in discussions to help others. I have the weapons systems fully functional on the AI. Now I need to tweak a few things to make the AI better at using their items. I have them checking range now and had to do some testing to find the right places to put things so far so good. The last change of the night though left the AI spinning firing into the ground so there maybe a bit more to do =P… The awesome part is this “use” system is used on ALL items. Thus once the system is done an AI can use anything while it observes the stats of the items it is carrying currently up to two!.. It can use all the weapons you can just like you can… pretty awesome =)

I love unity and am starting to love rain!.

More tomorrow…. time for Better Call Saul… and what a start to Walking dead wow!


2 Responses to “Still a little AI stuff left”

  1. prototypicalname Says:

    Wow you’re getting so much stuff done that it’s mind-blowing! To think you can juggle working on this game, a day-job, constantly update us with every advancement you make in development and still have time to reply to us and consider our ideas. You’re a literal multi-tasking incarnate! I’ve only seen a few mobile game dev sites but I can say with full confidence that you’re the most hardworking dev I’ve seen, being able to do more than entire dev teams! I hope you know that you have our full support and I’m pretty sure that many of us would be day 1 buyers. 😀

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Thanks so much! I am a live wire most of the time =)… Making games is a passion!… And unity is awesome so far!

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