Sorry been busy

I had to make a business trip that killed my time. A one day 18 hour day.. Then I had to recover a day wow… Now it is work time!… AI Animations etc… I cannot wait to get to playable again and it is CLOSE! More later….


2 Responses to “Sorry been busy”

  1. prototypicalname Says:

    This shows that you truly are an awesome person! 😀 You work hard with development, giving almost daily updates and then you apologise for taking a break? I know I don’t speak for every single person eagerly awaiting the release of Europa 2 but I’m sure most of us wouldn’t mind and even encourage you to take a break. It will help clear your mind and with the extra time you have to relax you may come up with an amazing breakthrough that improves your game exponentially! So don’t ever worry about taking a break and especially don’t apologise for doing so, we will all still be here eagerly waiting when you come back. 🙂

    Rooting for you all the way,
    Your loyal supporters!

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