figured out a HUGE bug yesterday..

It took 4 hours to dig through all my systems to find it and as usual it turned out to be something very simple… When I put any more then one character in the game only one could shoot…. Then I tracked down that the one shooting seemed to be shooting really fast… The next discovery was all characters had all the items needed to work however on creation some were already made…aha! I found that upon item creation I was not copying the mods but all pointing to one!.. Simple fix but it took FOREVER to figure it out.. Sometimes it works that way sometimes not. Anywho tonight back at it with actual forward progress I plan on a huge work week on Mission Europa..more later!


One Response to “figured out a HUGE bug yesterday..”

  1. ryanmitchellgames Says:

    argh late day at work stayed 3 more hours… but going to try to get a little done tomorrow should be better…..

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