Another late night at the day job


I have to get the bolt and battle working but the system is there!

Start Charge


Charging =)




So I finally made it to the abilities. The AI has been constructed to be like a player now. The way I want the ability to work is the same as the other items.

Player or AI triggers item use by

starting (pressing the button)

charging (holding the button)

firing (releasing the button)

ending (auto clean up after firing)

So for slow I want your right hand to be your ability hand.

You press the ability on the side of the gameplay window.

It starts a glow on your hand.

You hold for a while and it builds to a max size.

Then release it producing a bolt.

The bolt is a prefab that has a bolt script attached.

The bolt script contains the AI_Node that shot it or null

The prefabs list to attach to the base GameObject

And the item that shot it.

The bolt then travels to the target impacting. It then adds a buff/debuff of slow to the ai_nodes list of buffs/debuffs

the hit AI’s stats are then reprocessed with the buff list.

Then the player mows it down with a machine gun.. =)

Anywho that is the plan for tonight.. I hope I can get the whole system in one night…more later


I have one project that is really really hard to complete. Hopefully within a week I will finally kiss it goodbye and send it back to the hell it came from. Anyhow I am at a stage in that project where I can finally put some M.E.2 time in. I have had VERY little time the last week and a half… So I will throw some stuff up here later about what is happening. Keep the ideas coming =-)


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