Planning time

I like to think out loud on the blog and plan systems here. Right now I want a more data driven design for the items and abilities. That means code that transcodes data into gameplay thus the rock solid code is safe and the easily changeable data is the path the gameplay takes. So here goes..

So the actions needed:

And the problem I have is prefabs are game objects that require more attention by the cpu then a script alone… Then again I cannot create a data driven prefab without a game object. So the decision is to store the scripts to fire off in the mods as usual however allow a list of them so things can be combined. This means a game object will not be required for each different effect. And a game object requires many things, from updates to rendering to many other calls I can reduce. So now the mods themselves will have a list of scripts to access. These scripts are like I have them now as item uses effects. They will be independent and thus the lego design I desire. IE I add a use script that upon charge will build a glow on the hand. Then a script that responds to fire and will send off a green slow bolt. Also a script that has a fire effect leaving the hand. Thus I can make several scripts and combine them for many different effects. I am still pondering this approach as I will have to live with it for the next several months… It will be the base of everything in Mission Europa 2. The big issue I have with Unity is I cannot set script data without a prefab unless I create my own database. Which might be the next item I do. The weapons effect needs to have settings that can be applied. Tomorrow I will decide the path I need to think of the route… I think I have decided settings in the weapons effects that can be applied to all. I only need a few. Color, Scale, pulse speed, etc….. that maybe the best path… anywho more later below is what is required for each weapon type.


Muzzle flash

Bullet casing

Shoot effect

hit effect

applied effect

Flame Thrower:

Flame effect

hit effect

applied effect to target

Sword / dagger /mace /axe:

arc effect

hit effect

applied effect

Start effect

Charge effects

Fire effects

applied effect

Bolt Thrower:

bolt effect

fire effect

applied effect


fire effect

applied effect


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