Going to Keep It Simple Stupid so the K.I.S.S. method will be I create use effects as I was going to and allow for multiple use effects on each mod of an item. One will respond to charge building a glow. One may respond by firing a bolt on fire mode. Etc… one will may do it all.. Just depends on the script. I will separate them out to individual pieces so I can mix and match them. I also want them also to scale by the level of item used and add effects as they get higher level so some scripts will just not fire below a certain level. ….. this will be awesome =)… So for example a lighting bolt will have a small glow before firing and on hit a small shock at level 1. At level 100. Upon hitting the target a bolt will also come from the ground up into the sky on hit and when firing the glow is very bright with sparks coming off of it… Good stuff! I am finally getting work time!


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