Update Now for one of the last 2-3 major systems I need to write. Well I do not consider this one so hard. I need a buff/debuff system that can be applied to AI. So the slow bolt will actually slow the target. Or a sickness might make an AI explode, or a bug attack that does DPS and confuses… etc.. This is getting good…

The system design.

Combat occurs with a direct bolt hit.

Combat AI is sent the damage info and it is applied.

Then the buff manager is sent the ai hit, the attacker and the item stats used.

Slow has a – 0.5 stat for speed that is a -50% to be applied to the AI…

Apply it until it is over and restore stats.

Pretty easy…

The next system will most probably be the story delivery systems… now that is the exciting thing for me….More later

Made a fireworks show =)



Keyboard controls in =)!MissionEuropa2_Hi

Hit now to find out why the puff of smoke is rocketing off to the left…only when it hits an ai


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