My abilities have leveled up!!

DROOL! Downloading now…


5 Responses to “UNITY 5 IS OUT!”

  1. Korean Wonders (@KRWonders) Says:

    I am curious to know your opinion on Unreal Engine 4 going free.
    Does it make you pause and consider using UE4 or do you prefer to stick to Unity 5?

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      I like the business model 5% is nothing compared to apples 20% and the governments 25-30%… Unreal is a very capable system and being in lower level code IE c++ it will be faster. However, it supports 4 real platforms as opposed to Unity’s 24.

      Unreal: (From my experience)
      REALLY good at first person standard shooters. Shoehorning it into other roles like mine that has generated levels, enemies, enemy models, story , items etc a bit harder.
      And your working in lower level code where 1 it is faster but you have to do more work to get the same thing accomplished.

      Good at anything you want to make.
      Also When you are a one man show I would recommend Unity as the high level language and tools really are geared to the indie world. It is EXTREMELY easy to get something up and running.

      Over all they are both great. Unreal 4 will be faster but in lower level code where debugging can get frustrating. Unity I love but 75 a month and 75 per a couple platforms gets expensive.. I wish they would adopt Unreals price model..

      I choose Unity… it is so much faster to prototype and get things up and running. Now mind you I have not worked in unreal for a few years so it could be the golden goose… Before starting any major project now that it is free I would try both. =)

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Wanted to add you can get exactly the same visuals in Unity as in Unreal ed… the difference in the tech demos are the artist at Epic are the absolute BEST in the world.. so their demos shine. =)

      • Korean Wonders (@KRWonders) Says:

        Great, thanks for the long reply. I am no developer (yet), so I was curious, and I started by making the space shooter tutorial on Unity, which I thought was fairly easy even for me, although if I had to do it all by myself it would be another story 🙂

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        Yes unity is super easy to get started all the hard stuff in both engines is done for you minus AI beyond the basics

        Physics exporters and importers, sound, rendering pipeline, etc all done you just need to make the game 😉

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