AWESOME I finished the ai to the level for testing

Now to get the story telling systems in!

Here you see the ai lumbering in a dead animation… !MissionEuropa2_SSA

Then I shoot one down where the ragdoll effects only take a little movement to the limb last hit..and crumple to the ground…


Here a slow bolt has more punch and sends one flying…



Hehe I love seeing them fly… now tomorrow I need to get the levels loading again with the new Unity 5.0 engine. I do not see much problem there. Then I need to buidl thes system of having quests and bosses which I do not see as to much of an issue as I have done it so many times before. Good times… After the story engine is done the only thing left is polish to get a playable first level up and to the best level I can…. part of that will be AI and more assets.. I hope will not take long. =)…

More later!!!


4 Responses to “AWESOME I finished the ai to the level for testing”

  1. KiltedKey Says:

    Is the Unity 5 engine that easy to work with? I’ve seen the new Cities: Skylines and how beautiful and incredible it is. As a programmer, is the engine that friendly for you?

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      The MOST friendly and VERSITILE engine I have ever worked with and I have seen most all of the biggies, Unreal, Doom, Source, GTA engine (cannot remember the name) Crytek… Unity allows a huge amount of build whatever the hell you want here are your tools!…The AI system is severly lacking in a few spots.. but then there is RAIN for that .. I am using rain.. not to mention the asset store… I have not used the latest unreal indie engine but I have NIGHTMARES of Unreal back in the day… NIGHTMARES!!! =)

      Yes highly recommend to both artist and coders..I wish they did not charge extra for some platforms though.. So i have to dev on Mac / PC until I can afford 150 a month to shoot for iPhone..

  2. MedicalBenko Says:

    Ditto 🙂

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