Ok story deliver mode design time.

From head to wiki and blog =)….


1. A level has 4 missions delivering one story per level each a bit its own while still following the greater story arc.

2. When a level loads the story manager looks at the story elements (missions with tiers) and plans the AIs placement, environment effects, triggers, boss placement, possible RARE mini-boss placement, treasure placement, and triggered events. This is done randomly in a way as the missions get closer to the end of the level MORE of the triggerable events go off. Tiered events ALWAYS go off.

3. The story for a level has X number of tiers and X number of missions containing those tiers. Each tier ties into the story.       A tier can Place a prefab at the location with An effect, A script to alter a room,  A sound, A Spawner to place one of 5       types of the levels minions. These deliver story.

Example level data.

Tier 4: is X rooms away In the direction of the entrance.

It tells the room to spawn A scream and threat from this boss.

Tier 3: is  X rooms away In the direction of the entrance.

It tells the room to spawn A scream from the boss prefab warning it will find you.

A spawning of 4 enemies.

A room shaking effect with dust falling from the ceiling.

And wall sparks.

Tier2: is  X rooms away In the direction of the entrance.

The warning is so violent your vision blurs a second.

5 enemies spawn.

All triggerable explosions in the room go off.

Dust and sparks fall from the ceiling.

Tier1: This is THE room for the boss.

He blasts you with a taunt slight vision blur.

Minions spawn around him.

Sparks fly

quake and dust rises.

Possible initial slow for the player.


That is pretty much it. The levels will have the data for the story manager to look to. I will save those off to individual levels and in those the AI manager and Story manger will reside. The settings for the AI stored in AI manager for the level and the story Manager stores the X number of missions with X number of tiers each. Tiers spawn prefabs that do the rest… =)

Seems VERY extensible and awesome as far as randomly but story driven gameplay to me… If anyone thinks of more please post. I will add more as I go… posted on the wiki also here.


More later


5 Responses to “Ok story deliver mode design time.”

  1. MedicalBenko Says:

    Since I am still a newbie at coding, what are you looking for? Story?


    A way to further randomize the rooms?

    because you know me, I have all kinds of ideas–all kinds 😀

  2. prototypicalname Says:

    Haven’t commented in a while! 😀

    Anyway I’m glad to see the progression of development and I’m really excited about the Unity upgrade! To be completely honest I have no experience in coding but I may be able to help you in the story department. I’ve actually been thinking about it for a while and I may be able to write an extract about the events that took place a little bit before the start of Europa 2. I have a general idea from the Intro section of your wiki but I’ll need a bit more info to know how I’m going to tackle this. I was hoping you could answer these questions to help get the ball rolling 🙂

    1. What are the names of the last boss in Europa 2?
    2. What weapons would you expect the hero to use on the final boss? (Maybe you could add an image of them so I have a general idea of the workings of the weapon)
    3. What are the names of the spells and abilities you would expect the hero to use on the final boss also?
    4. What items would you expect the hero to use?
    5. What attacks, abilities, weapons does the final boss use?
    6. What happens after you beat the final boss in Europa 2? (As detailed as possible please)
    7. What is the Alien Gate?
    8. Do you have any names for the Protagonist in Europa 1 and 2?(If not I could probably make them anonymous)
    9. Could you give me the general dates of the events that transpired? ( Defeat of the final boss, The events that happen after, When the Protagonist of Europa 2 gets the message from his little brother, when he decides to set out to save his brother and when he reaches Europa.) I know those are a lot of dates so if you don’t have them it’s fine, I’ll work with as much as you give me.

    Wow now that I look at it those are a lot of questions 😀 . Don’t worry if you can’t answer any of them. I know it would be better if I finished the game myself and learned all the answers but the game would probably be finished and you’d already be developing Europa 3 by the time I actually finish the game. I know answering these questions will take a lot of time so if it eats into your development time feel free to disregard this. I’m also aware many people may want to find the ending out themselves so if you prefer it, you can send the answers via email. (prototypicalemail@gmail.com)

    Oh I almost forgot the most important question! Would you allow me to write an extract describing the events leading up to Europa 2? 😀

    Oh and if you need help with planning the story for each level I’d love to help with that too! 🙂

    • prototypicalname Says:

      I meant that many people may NOT want to find out the ending of Europa 1.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Awesome post I just got back in the continental us i am about to post why I have been absent a few days 😉 I will go through this asap I love what I read ! Thanks! I cannot wait until testing time and we can get really deep into the story delivery 🙂

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