LOOONG day of catch up at the day job.

Update well crap dynamic levels are not being friendly in unity. I may have to make a editor tool to create the levels and not have dynamic levels……. which makes more sense really… BUT I need to reduce the workload for myself so tonight I am doing some research. It seems I have found the way maybe to build the levels in the editor and build as many tools as I can to make it to where I can make the levels quickly… basically do what it does now in real time… But more research is needed…..

But I am determined to work tonight no matter how tired… more then! =)

After some day job ovetime I am at it again. I am walking away from the web based player. The game will be too big anyway. I will release test builds to PC and MAC as I go during testing and once the game is done port it to IOS.

Soo back to work for now…


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