Organized the project… now back to experimenting…

Update: I think I found it!… It seems the lights are causing the batching to fail… So I need to reduce the lights that are real time of course I know this. However, I though lights marked as baked will not cause any slow downs and not be included. It seems I need to create lights soley for light mapping and then disable them for the game =)…. All good! So more light mapping tonight and then on to bigger and better!!!


For some reason the room I have constructed will not BATCH… all my experiments work out.. so I am dissecting the room into pieces to try and get it to batch properly.. I do not want to start over on that room. Somewhere along the way the meshes got disturbed into a mode that they will not batch together even sharing the same materials. I think it has to do with the light mapping. It seems it is burned into the mesh. So back to work!

I am looking forward to a full week of work…. I have shipped two out of my three day job projects so I will not have to work the extra hours!….I am looking forward to a good work week!


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