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1. What are the names of the last boss in Europa 2?

–Not decided yet really. =). I have a couple of endings in mind and have not settled yet.
2. What weapons would you expect the hero to use on the final boss? (Maybe you could add an image of them so I have a general idea of the workings of the weapon)

–A combination melee left hand and single handed DPS on right… along with tons of abilities…
3. What are the names of the spells and abilities you would expect the hero to use on the final boss also?

–Summons, Slows,Dps,, the whole bag of tricks.
4. What items would you expect the hero to use?

–Void grenades. Potions
5. What attacks, abilities, weapons does the final boss use?

–Undecided but very strong single hits with a secondary multi missle hit.
6. What happens after you beat the final boss in Europa 2? (As detailed as possible please)

–Still not decided I want to get more into the story and see how it feels while playing.
7. What is the Alien Gate?

–A device that teleports the traveler to another plane of existence and possibly back.
8. Do you have any names for the Protagonist in Europa 1 and 2?(If not I could probably make them anonymous)

–Sadly I cannot remember I think the last boss was beezlebub (sp?)

9. Could you give me the general dates of the events that transpired? ( Defeat of the final boss, The events that happen after, When the Protagonist of Europa 2 gets the message from his little brother, when he decides to set out to save his brother and when he reaches Europa.) I know those are a lot of dates so if you don’t have them it’s fine, I’ll work with as much as you give me.

–You searching for your brother while ME1 is going on. Your seperated by a great distance on the surface. However, the VAST under ice network should get you there.

Wow now that I look at it those are a lot of questions 😀 . Don’t worry if you can’t answer any of them. I know it would be better if I finished the game myself and learned all the answers but the game would probably be finished and you’d already be developing Europa 3 by the time I actually finish the game. I know answering these questions will take a lot of time so if it eats into your development time feel free to disregard this. I’m also aware many people may want to find the ending out themselves so if you prefer it, you can send the answers via email. (

Oh I almost forgot the most important question! Would you allow me to write an extract describing the events leading up to Europa 2?😀

Oh and if you need help with planning the story for each level I’d love to help with that too! 🙂

–Would love it.. First I want to see how powerful the story delivery system is =-)..


I am now finally creating the story mode. Everything seems to be running great now and I am develping the level gen to deliver the story.


4 Responses to “Alright…”

  1. prototypicalname Says:

    Wow first off thank you so much for replying! I am absolutely ecstatic that you’re letting me write this! 😀 I’m really sorry that I haven’t had a chance to check until now as I was quite busy.

    Secondly, and I’m deeply apologetic for this mistake, I realised from looking at my questions that I asked for the final boss of Europa 2! That’s a huge error on my part, I meant to ask for the final boss of Europa 1!(According to the reply his name is Beelzebub.) I realise now that the answers you gave might be tailored to what you would use in Europa 2’s final boss battle. I feel like a huge jerk for asking this, especially with the fact that you went out of your way to answer my questions but could you re-answer my questions in the context of Europa 1’s final boss battle? Specifically question 2,3,4,5,6 (Could you possibly be specific in terms of the weapons and skills like for example, would I summon Reym Neas in the final boss fight or is there someone else I would use?). I am so sorry for asking this. Please don’t feel in anyway obligated to re-answer those questions, regardless of whether or not you answer those questions, I will still ceaselessly provide you with support!

    I also want to apologise to the other people supporting Europa 2’s development for I have wasted Ryan’s development time and asking him to go out of his way to answer again. Once again you have my sincerest apologies.

    • prototypicalname Says:

      Side note: For question 8 I meant the name of the main character in each of games. (The protagonist is the hero and the antagonist is the villain)

      Once again I am sorry for the mistakes and confusion I caused.
      (On a positive note I’ll be starting a draft based on the info you gave me thus far!) 🙂

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      No way! Your stimulating its development 😉 keep it up!
      I read it right actually pretty sure it was beezle bub sp?

      I am away from a keyboard right now and will respond soon

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      All abilities are able to be leveled up….Thus you may prefer Reyem’s Massive slow blast…. or another summons ability you leveled up. =)… I really am not far enough along to say the items and weapons… Think general WOW items and naming or Diablo … Blades,guns,crossbows,bolt weapons… etc… Tonight is all asset night as the rest of the week will be =)…. finally eye candy and not code… keep the ideas coming!

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