OK inspirational art time…


After sleeping on it I think I will still use the level generator for a starting level. IE it generated the level in the editor. Then I work on it from there…. I already have the code done and it would save me a LOT of time to have a level setup and then add my own touches here and there =).. So I need to convert the room manager to the editor…First while I ponder that I want to produce 4 more rooms. So five rooms to create a level mixed mashed and rotated etc… I will also have the same rooms with different lighting further down the road as that really is what makes the game. The lighting is going to be key.

More later!


I need to make some ice cave rooms as this is Europa… so here is some of the looks I want to acheive with smaller parts.. So I need to make some parts to be able to achieve the below…..

maxresdefault01_UCII_IceCaveEntrance(1)Ice_cave_by_PE_Travers url Ice_Caves_1 images

So now time to make pieces =)….


2 Responses to “OK inspirational art time…”

  1. Kenan Mamedov (@Kenan200000) Says:

    I know that it’s probably too much but it could be cool if we had pure water/ice environments,pure hell/fire environments,pure plagued/corrupted environments,maybe even pure desert/barren environments,pure jungle/forest like environment.

    Like in KOTOR as an instance,it had a various amount of planets and it felt really cool to explore different locations with different climates,ecosystems,creatures and stuff.

    I know that it’s probably too much but having at least 1 of each SMALL unique location might make the gameplay much,much more fun,I know that YOU ARE working more than enough on ME2 and you HAVE BEEN working on ME1 more than enough but it’s just a suggestion.

    Some locations in Me1 were repeating way too many times and some were repeating like once or twice and then were forgotten.

    No need to put this in ME2,it’s just it might be awesome,really,really awesome.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      I like the idea… ME1 I would add a new type of room one at a time as you descended… I think it maybe better to just completely switch out sets more often.. I like it a lot…

      With unity the rooms are a lot easier to create =).. I plan on sci-fi,ice,hellish/corrupted =)

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