Good Stuff!!

It looks like my level gen is going to work!!!… It is batching AND the light-maps are loading. See the shot below..I am excited now.. I can now do all the fun stuff to have a different experience every time you enter a level =)… good stuff!

I got some good work time last night I will try to get some info up here during the day.. The day job has finally let up a little!

More later!



4 Responses to “Good Stuff!!”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Wow! This looks super! I remember playing the first (not getting very far) on my old iPod touch. Random question, but is there any possibility of this coming to android since you’re making use of the Unity engine? I’ve switched over to the droid side, and sadly don’t have a working Apple device…

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      that is why I went unity over unreal…. Unity supports 24 devices.. Unreal i think 4-5… So yes for sure when I can afford a android device =)…

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