Room 4 Done!






I still have to go back through the rooms and set up the trigger-able events…. I want to get the story manager done first and I am REALLY hoping that my questions get answered on the random level gen…. I have questions on two forums. Now on to room 5 the final room before we get into the final stretch to a playable testable game. I want to get there and then start testing and evolving the game play with you all on this blog =)… More later!

Questions here:

And here:


3 Responses to “Room 4 Done!”

  1. Tom Says:

    looks pretty good 🙂 can’t wait to see the gameplay.

  2. MedicalBenko Says:

    Ditto, I know how that is lol. I recently started working in RPG Maker and making my own pixel characters and my job and workingout is talking up most of my time. 🙂

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