So I do not have time to write all the things I did wrong over DAYS… However…

What I found and the order to proceed in generating a level randomly.

– LoadLevelAdditive the room.

– Be sure to make it active so you can run down its tree.

– Instantiate the room at its new position and rotation.

– Set it to active at this point

– Run down both trees (New and Original) and copy over the lightmapIndex AND the lightmapOffsetScale to the new game object.

– To allow for batching then run down the new room and get a count of meshes

– put all the meshes in one array and send it to the static batch utility.

– Delete the template rooms

– Clean up unused assets.

– Smash face in keyboard as the method to do all this has to be figured out over DAYS…

I tried prefabs, baking to prefabs, would have it working either batching or lightmapping but not both…i tried a TON of test beds… something so easy should not be so hard.. .but I am finally back on track..It is time to get the final room gen done and get this puppy making its levels!

More tonight!


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