Just plowing forward

I am working with the rooms and the room gen getting the auto gen up and running… so far smooth sailing… I am having to go into a level and lightmap it then scale down and lightmap again until I get down to 1 or two lightmaps.. Sadly there is no way to tell beast to only use X lightmaps … that would be an easy option to have but instead I have to go through the entire process to see if I hit the right number.. Wish I worked for them I could have that done pretty quick… Unwrap at X scale.. then Y scale… then go down to scale to almsot fit… test and then go again…in seconds I could save hours of programmer time…

O well you do give up a lot when using someone elses engine and I do have some thoughts that maybe I should have gone Unreal…. BUT so far so good… After a LONG battle with dynamic content…

More later… I am lightmapping right now = P…


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