Just working on making the game happen

I am cleaning the levels up and I hope this weekend to have the game at least assembling the levels and hopefully AI running around in it! =)….

I am also reducing the lightmap sizes to be compatible with mobile devices…..Good stuff!


4 Responses to “Just working on making the game happen”

  1. prototypicalname Says:

    Hello, sorry for my infrequent replies! 😀

    Anyway, story update: I’ve decided to play through ME1 to get a better idea of the story. As of now I’m level 35 and on level 35 :P.
    From playing the game up to this point I had to get rid of what I orginally came up with as it did not work too well with the story of ME1. Well other than that large drawback everything is going smoothly enough but I need to get cracking on re working the story.

    Side note: From playing the game somewhat thoroughly I managed to come up with a small list of suggestions based on my gameplay that should help streamline the experience for players. I’ll send that list along with the story so just sit tight!

    Side note 2: ME1 is actually really hard once you start to deal with 1-hit kill mobs. Even with the level 35 arena gear it’s still quite hard to avoid death. 😀

    Side note 3: Wow the development is going really well! I’m glad you managed to figure out the random level generation. 😀

  2. prototypicalname Says:

    Oh I almost forgot to ask! Do you have any ideas for the names you want the hero of ME1 and his big brother to have? 🙂

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Hehe yes it is very hard =)… ME2 will be more user friendly =P…

      No name yet I am going to get further along first =)…

      Thanks!..Wish I had more time the last month has been MURDER at my day job… No idea when it will let up but hopefully next week.

      Anywho I am putting in some time today on the weekend to push it forward…

      • prototypicalname Says:

        No, I mean do you have a name for the hero from the first game mission europa 1. I’m calling him P(as in Protagonist) but I think it would sound better if he had his own name. Of course if you haven’t thought of a name for him I can just leave it as P and then I can change it later.

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