Mad some bad ass scripts

I have always said making a game is 70% tools for a coder… those tools can make the game for you and replace thousands of man hours. Let the computer do the work. So now I have a script that looks for head nodes tagged as batch collapse. Then it batch collapses them by material. There are two types of tags. One is light mapped and the other is non light mapped. So I simply select the root node hit the new menu item I made and whallah I have 40 draw calls for a whole level !… VERY FAST!.. Then I save it as a room and set the light map scale number by hand sadly as that is broken in unity currently. That does not take much time however. So now I am organizing the rooms for the new optimization and am FINALLY PAST the batch collapsing issues AND I have a better solution mostly under my control!… awesome..

So back to organizing the rooms into batches… This should not take to long and the tools I have now are POWERFUL for speed!


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