Simple mesh combiner

It is the key…  now the game SCREAMS!!! I have control over the “batches” now. I went from 250 – 600 calls with supposed batching (not working obviously) down to 40-60 a frame… that is going to be awesome!!! So now I have a room proto. This has the level in its little pieces. Then I have a second copy that is the combine room. I save the room to a file and lightmap it. That is the room that is brought into the game…I am adding another segment of code. This will save time by me pressing a button and then the level auto collapsing. The code will look for labeled nodes that it will collapse and then go through and strip out the old meshes and empty nodes.. Good stuff.. I should have that working very soon! =).. and whallah  we are finally there to high performance rooms that can be imported and constructed at run time.

More later!


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