Working on light mapping the levels down to mobile levels…

I have to finish a run on the levels to get them to the correct resolution to be supported by mobile devices and then I will just keep plowing forward… =)


2 Responses to “Working on light mapping the levels down to mobile levels…”

  1. Kenan Mamedov (@Kenan200000) Says:

    I have a very interesting idea for the story and a question:


    If the main protagonist of ME 2 is “The big/small brother”of the ME 1 protagonist then I think that it would be cool if they could cooperate in a very interesting way.

    Certain things done by the protagonist in ME 1 have consequences on ME 2 storyline since both of protagonists are on the same moon and I think that ME 2 story happens during ME 1.

    Basically,some clan of bandits or mercenaries allied with demons kidnap the main character and are planning to execute him but the power in their hideout turns off because a certain generator from ME 1 was destroyed by the main protagonist of ME 1.

    Basically,ME 1 protagonist helps the ME 2 protagonist in different interesting ways before meeting him (if he ever does…)

    And here goes the question :

    Who voiced Dr Sierra in ME 1?
    It was a female for sure and her surname was Mitchell just like yours,it is your sister/aunt or wife?
    Sorry for a dumb question,not meant to sound rude,just curious.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      I like it.. I planned it to be that you are always on the heels of the brother except for near the end.. when a big reveal happens… But this could be woven in for sure if I EVER get to the story lol… Been tough finding the after hours work. However I have cleared the evening schedule to buckle down and push this out.,..

      The voice was my lovely wife who helped out on the project =)

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