The time has finally come to write in the whole story…. This step is where I write how I want the experience to at least corral the player down an experience. The hard part is writing systems that can take all the different scenarios.. I am feeling REALLY good about the designs. Below you will see me working on Missions 1-4 at the landing zone.

Spoiler alerts:



2 Responses to “Spoilers…”

  1. Imperator Says:

    You move so fast Ryan, like a one man gang lmao.
    I have looked into the story and mechanics a little, one idea that hit me would be that you can summon a team to fight with you, hear me out. They are mostly human characters, although the more powerful ones could be something stronger..

    A system I propose is that you have a summon and also a party screen. In this lonely space drama i’m sure our friend could use some help. Here is my idea, summons have only finite life, say you summoned a merc in a mech power suit he is tanky, but eventually he gets overwhelmed. Once an allie falls he is dead forever, unless you can find a revive tool (alien artifact placed as random drops.)

    It is even scarier the prospect that you have an ally a friend in this lonely world, yet if he dies, you are back to being alone in the vast nothingness.

    Idea 2: If you ally is attacked by a zombie, and falls, he will stay dead on the floor for a couple mins and revive as a zombie in that level. When exiting his level, his status in your party reads Dead: State: Zombie. Meaning you will have to kill your friend. This is like some Clive Barker type stuff lol, looking at you… The Thing.

    You could call this a hiring system, or even hire npcs along the way.

    Just some ideas to set your game apart.


    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Love it… trying to keep it within mobile tech I have to pretty much limit it to one companion be it summon or “found companion”. And you nailed it. I have that in the plans in ME one a summon was called fired and left… I may have that but the main goal is one that follows you until it dies..

      and thanks it is moving fast as I am getting time at night to work finally.. .If I can get 3-4 hours a night every night I could have it in testing in 3-4 weeks easy. However….. life gets busy =)

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