Planning can save months!

I am still laying out level0 the base and level1 the first combat level.

Things I want to get done now are place in the animation stuff so I can for example have a corpse run and jump into the hole when you first show up … scary freaky things not just a walk and shoot game..

Then after I get it all put together I want to go through what I have written down on the wiki and  find the best way to mass produce it and in the most efficient and time sensitive way. This will require balance and dropping some items due to the time it will take to produce… =)…Anywho really trucking now! FINALLY!

More later!


5 Responses to “Planning can save months!”

  1. BigEyedFish Says:

    I purchased M.E.C.E some time ago but only just got around to playing it. I Just want to say a big thank you as it’s a great game! I’m playing this while deleting some ‘big budget’ and ‘blockbuster’ action rpg’s! Can’t wait for the sequel and keep up the good work.

  2. BigEyedFish Says:

    Just to add to my previous comment, I have the iOS version and just wondering if M.E 2 will be available on the app store at first release? Sorry if this question has already been asked previously. Thanks

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Sorry for the delay I took off the entire weekend =).. It will be on almost all devices. Probably first to PC/MAC as it is free for me. Then ios and android as they have monthly fees associated to unity!

      Thanks for the compliments they mean a ton.

      • BigEyedFish Says:

        Thanks for the reply, I’ll be buying ME2 the day it appears on the App Store! Just one thing to mention is that after spending today (6 hours) playing, the game now crashes every 2/3 minutes…and it also crashes when doing various tasks like using a crossbow or moving to a new level inside a level. I’m on iPhone 5s with the latest update. I’m not too bothered as I know I was late coming to the game and I’d rather that you spend your time bringing the sequel to us instead of fixing bugs for 5s + . Anyway, thank you and I cannot wait for number 2!!

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        Thanks!… yes it is an old game =)… ME 2 is in unity and not my own hand crafted engine… so it will be WAAAAAAAY better =)

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