Time to get playable.

I now am going to add in the story manager / AI manager to create a full level. I plan on one room first then going forward with the others I already have built. First I have to drop possible spawn locations. Possible event locations. Possible anything. They are invisible game objects that have a script on them that registers with the story manager on load. The AI Manager has the same thing with spawn points. It is all laid out on the wiki. Now to get it done!…


6 Responses to “Time to get playable.”

  1. Kenan Mamedov (@Kenan200000) Says:

    Ryan,I know that I’ve said that already but I think that ME 2 should have some kind of a force push and maybe Telekinesis ability (like throwing corpses of your enemies at your enemies/bosses) to TRULY exploit the ragdoll physics of the game.

    I really hope that you’ll put this in your notes or somewhere so when it comes to making spells you won’t forget my idea,since the more Telekinesis games we have the better in my opinion,it definitely enhances the gaming experience.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      I will look into it … Only issue is the mobile aspect … I have rag doll but it cancels after 6 seconds cause it is VERY expensive on the cpu… And calculating the damage is expensive 🙂 however this is a great idea and I will defiantly have it in the wish list

  2. Bart Tackett Says:

    I’m so excited for this game. I truly loved ME and Necro Rising. Both were well written, exceeding long (my favorite part), and down right fun. I tip my hat to you for bringing us this sure to be classic. Keep up the good work!

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Thanks man that is rocket fuel for the late nights .. I hope to have a playable version to my trusted testers in3-4 weeks … Just the first level to tweak fun and awesome to a good level 😉

  3. KiltedKey Says:

    Do you still stand by what you said months ago that Unity is the best engine for this game?

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