With Unity I got a turrent from a model to functional in 20 minutes

Unity is so easy to prototype with I had a model and got it into unity then wrote a script that will spin until it detects a target. Then aim at the target and fire for a set-able amount of time. Then reload and fire again. This is if you are in range and are able to be seen. The effects all go with it. The upper part rotates up and down the base rotates around. This script will be portable to all turrents. I now am making a ceiling and wall version. Very impressive to tell you the truth. Once the systems are figured out prototyping is the fastest I have ever experienced in any engine =)… more later I am getting back to work this evening.!MissionEuropa2_asd

Good to go… Walls will take about fifteen minutes to complete. I got stuck in a collider issue where my spawn points in the level where hiding the player from the turrents other then that it took 5 minutes to rig up ceiling turrets =)


Good stuff and more later!


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