Story Time !

Its finally here.. the story manager will soon be in charge of creating the levels not me =)… I will be working on it today.

The process will be:

1. Game manager loads a level file which tells the game that there is a cut scene X… so play it first then tell the game manager to proceed.

2. Once done the game manager will load the rooms the level says it uses and then the room manager will load and arange the levels randomly.

3. Then the story manager will look at the rooms for specific tags. It will spawn the boss where he needs to be. Not the AI manager. Then it will spawn any special Trigger events listed in its trigger events on types of tags they call for and the distance from the boss they specify. Lots of special events will be in there to that are prefabs and they will be spawned on event tags. prefabs control every thing.

4. Once done the rest of startup completes and fade in from black… =)… good stuff!


2 Responses to “Story Time !”

  1. Kenan Mamedov (@Kenan200000) Says:

    Ryan,you STILL think that the ipad 3 or 4 gonna handle such graphics and all these light effects?

    I mean that Bioshock runs really well on my iPad 4 (I’ve finally managed to get my hands on it thanks to AppNana since it was not available in Azerbaijan appstore) , curious if ME 2 will be working well.

    Everything looks so juicy,i can’t believe in this.
    I’m a total sucker for single player fps’ with rpg elements starting from Doom.I’ll definitely buy ME 2 upon release!

    You,Redshift with Zarista (the guys behind one of the greatest rpg experiences on ios – The Quest and it’s expansions) are definitely my favorite developers.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Thanks so much!! Means a lot!..

      Yes I expect it to run really well. The levels are super optimized with scripts I have written and my own vis culling routines. Literally about 16 draw calls at times. (no ai)… And it is the ultimate target after PC and mac as it cost money to develop on ios from unity and thats something I do not have a lot of =)….Things are moving well Icannot wait to get to testing =).

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