Still working on missions

World series baseball for my youngest son has killed my time lately but I am still getting some time. I am in the middle of creating the most important piece of the game. I want to get it right so I can quickly as possible create fun and inventive game play. I will post more later!


5 Responses to “Still working on missions”

  1. Bart T. Says:

    Game is looking great! I’ve been checking back every week as I love watching this whole thing come together. I thought the story from ME was solid overall. It had its moments of scares and creepiness and plenty of them so I can only imagine what you’ll put together with Unity driving this thing. Keep up the good work!

  2. MedicalBenko Says:

    No problem man, take your time. Like I mentioned about me learning to code so I finally understand what it takes to make something like this come together. Awesome progression btw. 🙂

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