Had world series baseball last week

So no work time at all. 1500 miles on the car in heavy traffic all last week!…. However, I am back at it and ready to roll finally and get this game popping =)… More later!


2 Responses to “Had world series baseball last week”

  1. Antonio Martorana Says:

    Hi its me from that other post where you said mission europa was taken off the store. I don’t like to bother you but can you have the levels repeat? What i mean is that after the final level 50, your quests will be randomly generated (maybe 1 per level) and the levels will look like….. ok for example if level 2 was the ice cave, then level 52, 102, 152, 202, etc. would also be ice caves. and also do it for mission europa 1 because i don’t like seeing such a fun game coming to an end. one more thing the repeats would also happen with how the enemies look but their strength keeps going on…

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Sounds fun! I like the idea!….I did have the chicken bot after you win =)… every time you attack it more mobs spawn at higher level until your dead =)..

      I will look into end game ideas a lot later =)… Soon I hope to have a playable first level!!! Downloadable to test on pc and mac first =)

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