Got a ton done last night

I have the first mission fully working… I also have the new awesome radar working like aliens.. I love it!… The pulse goes over the radar scopr and as it passes a target it lights the target and it fades.. It will have a blip sound also as it detects it. Objectives are always lit up. Other items only when in range. I plan on items and enemies both appearing on the radar.

Now back to items. The current system is far to complex and as I have become a master of Unity I see much better ways to create the items =).. Sooooo I will be looking at that system, refactoring it, and then adding in the items to play level one. Then the last step of tying it all together and creating the intro-load screens and intro. Getting close to a testable game!.. I am also dedicated to getting it there now. I am spending every night working on it. So the push to a playable testable game is on!.

More later!


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