Getting there

I rewrote all the item creation systems, inventory systems, and tons of other stuff over the last week and a half. I updated them all to be a HECK of a lot more robust and work the way unity works. I have a few pieces left but the hardest stuff is done as seen below the character is back to assembling the icons back to being created. The item is a game object in world that is disabled now under the inventory slot. Really a lot better way of doing things. Keep on keeping on… cannot wait to get this all together finally and get a testable game done!…



9 Responses to “Getting there”

  1. Antonio Martorana Says:

    Nice going!
    What I look for in games now is procedural generation but it wouldn’t modify stats. In a game i want to start working on, I am going to have the items generate their names, but the naming won’t change the stats. Also in the screenshots of the armors I didn’t see any modifiers in the names.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      They are there just not displayed yet 👍 procedural is the only way one guy can make large games imo so yes … But it is really challenging to make
      It fun to play 😉

  2. BigEyedFish Says:

    Keep going with the good work, what I liked so much about MECE was the vast amount of items/ weapons available. Hopefully you’ll keep that element! 😊

  3. Ko Says:

    Are you going to patch MECE? It green screens whenever I try to play?

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Hopefully when I get some time …. Summer has been really busy!!! And my real job has had me working really hard!

  4. Ko Says:

    Argh sorry! I just downloaded it again and it was fine.

  5. xxlionheartxx Says:

    been awhile again lol. But i have been working on making some Doom II levels and having fun. Also advancing nicely with my C++ :). Looks like you are doing well too with your game Awesome!

    Wanted to ask if you are still including special user dedication weapons in Mission Europa 2 (like the Mr.Spud gun) really enjoyed that one 🙂

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