Still working on the items.

Just running into a few hiccups altering all the menu systems to be more unity friendly.  Not much to say but I hope soon to be done with the items and menus and start creating more assets =)… More later!

Below you see the chest with the arm piece in it. You tap the grab button to grab it… I may change it to tapping on the box to pick it up. That is for later though during testing…

!MissionEuropa2_shot 9.42.10 AM


4 Responses to “Still working on the items.”

  1. xxlionheartxx Says:

    I feel that tapping the box to grab it would be better on the phone or tablet and having a grab button would be better on PC (like ‘E’ keystroke for ‘use’).

    Here’s a random idea. I remember you could walk over loot to auto pick it up. Why not create a menu that allows the player to custome set what loot they want to auto pick up when they walk over it. It was just something that came to mind 🙂

    • Antonio Martorana Says:

      That is something I thought of. If Ryan adds back options in ME1, he could have looting style as an option which gives 3 choices:
      Tap to inspect loot in piles
      Tap to loot from piles
      Walk over piles to loot all

      • MedicalBenko Says:

        I really like your “walk over piles to loot all” option best because when I am in a dungeon I tend not to look at any of the loot because I am usually being attacked by enemies.

        However, as soon as I port back to base I look at all the loot I collected and do all of my selling and upgrading. The reason for this is due to the fact that my phone (iTouch) is not as large as an iPad or better yet a desktop so I could easily scroll with my mouse over the loot to read it in the dungeon.

        Which reminds me, Ryan, do you plan to release the game on PC? If you answered this already, my apologies ahead of time. 🙂

        Ryan, you may want to look at or even play Doom I & II to sort of draw some inspiration. The reason I mention this is that, while I was feeling nostalgic and went to play Doom I, it reminded me a lot of Mission Europa I and so I thought how cool would it be if Mission Europa II played as fast as Doom I & II. To be honest, Mission Europa I was much more enjoyable because, unlike Doom, you have loot, a leveling system, and a great story (which I am willing to help out develop just let me know). But it was something too look at 🙂

  2. Antonio Martorana Says:

    I remember looking at Ryan’s older posts and seeing how many comments were in each for ME1 development

    Also i found the google account popup was blocked so now im sure im commenting with my google account

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