Cool stuff going in…

I have a suicide zombie, a hanging zombie that gets pulled up into the ceiling, and soon a character that runs away around a corner when approached. Great stuff that will be sprinkled around a floor at random. Good scare moments.. So each time you play you never know what you are going to see / find while in combat and following the story line =)….More later!


4 Responses to “Cool stuff going in…”

  1. xxlionheartxx Says:

    Sounds awesome! I am going to love seeing all the random triggers 🙂

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      They are going in really quick!.. Unity has some good design to make things easy lets hope it is not at the cost of performance =)..

  2. xxlionheartxx Says:

    With how far our tech has come, I feel that you will be fine. If anything, you may just have to create a list of triggers and randomly pick 1-3 to randomly occur per level. 🙂 you could also save room by creating scrolling wall textures instead of having 3d models moving around for level immersiveness (as always just thoughts).

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      currently on level gen it picks pre-placed tags that know what they are and if they have been used. Then the event is placed there. The events on the level are a list of what can go in. So each level will introduce more random events to not get stale =)…

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