Here is a random event happening =0

The event is a zombie that runs and jumps into the ceiling. It was randomly placed at this corner by the level gen. He is just standing at the corner twitching upon approach he runs and jumps into the ceiling.

BTW the lighting is broken because of testing =).. I will get it fixed soon next.




5 Responses to “Here is a random event happening =0”

  1. Kenan Mamedov (@Kenan200000) Says:

    Ryan,I know that you are a true veteran of the AppStore,an awesome fps rpg maker and an obvious rpg lover,so I want to present you the best PURE rpg ever released on ios that exists for 6 years in the AppStore already and second part of this game has been finally announced!

    Recently the game has been brought back to the original developers because it was under publisher’s pressure so now it is no longer under pressure,also an iPad version and pc steam version of the main game has been announced recently with upgraded graphics!(not along with the expansions though)

    The game is “The Quest” by Redshift,it has been created by an indie Hungarian developer team along with an expansion called Islands of ice and fire,expansions for the game such as Hero of Lukomorye series,Celtic rift/queen/doom,Asteroids trilogy,Mithril horde,cursed chess set have been created by Zarista games – another great devoted developer team that works with Redshift.

    The game is truly a masterpiece,if you’re on ipad you’ll have to put “iPhone only” in “search” of the AppStore in order to find the game.

    The game with all expansions worth about 50$ but believe me Ryan,I have not regret a single penny.The game exists on my device for 6 years already and recently I’ve bought final 2 expansions.

    You must check it out if you really love old-school Skyrim-like rpgs.
    It has everything in it,literally everything,it’s so big that I cannot even describe it with words.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Ill check it out! I think I remember it and it was a great game and very early on the app store.. but if they updated graphics I definitely want to check it out!

  2. Kenan Mamedov (@Kenan200000) Says:

    Also awesome work,Ryan!Looking forward to testing the game!
    Can’t wait!I hope that you still remember my ideas 🙂

    • xxlionheartxx Says:

      I will second that about “The Quest.” If you are into 1st person dungeon crawler type games than it is a lot of fun. The Quest was actually the only other game I played when I wasnt playing Mission Europa :). The developers also released the tools they used to make the game (though it is not the updated version they now use, its still kinda cool). You can make your own levels and stuff, but if you want to publish anything it goes through them and they decide what to do with your work ultimately. But hey, I had fun making my own levels to test out. I do wish it was on Android or even on the PS Vita because there are no games like The Quest on either system that are worth playing. I actually went out to buy Eterian Oddysey for the 3DS because I wanted to play somethibg like The Quest lol.

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        3DS one of the only consoles I never owned lol =).. That and a neo geo… (remember those games costing 250 busk a piece or something…)

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