Making weapons more accurate

I do not want to have to animate each arm to be prefectly where it needs to be to have a “realistic” shot come from the barrel like in ME1. So I plan on firing a ray every 0.2 seconds from the camera to set a target for the player. The AI already picks a target. Then when a line shot (rifle pistol ballistic) is fired I will take the center mass of the attacker or if it is the player the camera center and fire a ray. Then the gun will take a vector from the muzzle to the closest hit point and fire its shot. Anywho just thinking out loud as I polish this puppy up! MORE LATER!


2 Responses to “Making weapons more accurate”

  1. Antonio Martorana Says:

    This is great. Now you can have an accuracy stat on guns…. maybe next something like that for melee weapons, so any with low accuracy will swing more from the side if the swing is going down. If I ever make my game, I will learn about procedural generation and procedural animations.

    School starts tomorrow… I am both excited and upset…

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Exactly. Each weapon has an accruacy stat that effects its use =)..
      Procedural is fun LOTS of up front work for a huge reqard in the back…

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