Before AI takes cover…

Before the AI starts to take cover I want heads to roll… actually I want all parts to roll =)…With the system the way it is I can pretty easily have limbs be severed and roll around =).. I think that would add a ton of fun. Basically I will spawn the part that it was mad with at the bone location and give it physics to fly off and land. I then scale down the bone at that location to zero to hid the missing part… The arms head and legs will be the parts that can be blown off… =)… I think that little bit of work really would be fun. I would have to make it random I think to be special… or a function of how much damage was done at once…IE you wacked half the hitpoints in one hit AND hit close to one of the bones that can be severed….. First the head and then I will add the others.. I hope to have it done tonight but wee shall see.. Then I will move to making the AI take cover..more later


4 Responses to “Before AI takes cover…”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    That would be awesome! Specially with a rocket launcher, or even blow their legs off and watch them crawl! Shoot their arms off and they can’t shoot back, so many things you could do, would be fun with a sword too, Kill Bill style! Anyway, I don’t post much but I still check your site almost daily, and I might be buying a real computer soon, so I’ll also be able to test like the old days!

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Great… I had a big slow down as the day job got HORRIBLE… its better now though and things are flying =) Like heads =P… which already come off unity is awesome..

  2. Antonio Martorana Says:

    Woah…. MrSpud? one of the ME1 testers with his own custom weapon? Wow!

    This is an idea i have if you add exploding parts. It is inspired by a weapon you use in a quest in Fallout 3. In fallout 3 you can get a “repellent stick” that makes enemies explose a while after hitting them (the quest said to test it on mole rats so thats all I did with it).

    You can add grenade and rocket launchers that use the same randomizing system as the machine gun. For now you can work on severed and exploding parts of enemies…. maybe the zombies can spawn without certain parts sometimes so no head no arms no legs.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      The latter is already in there but expoding enemies is already in … =) an ability that if they die while it is ticking they explode…. =).. Keep the ideas going….

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