Blood fully working..

Added Decals for splats on the floor also =)


When you kill and something pops off you get a big blood blast … when hitting you get an arangement of other blood bursts. Those are set up per level for variation…it looks AWESOME… =)

!MissionEuropa2_bb !MissionEuropa2_cc !MissionEuropa2_ee !MissionEuropa2_aa


3 Responses to “Blood fully working..”

  1. xxlionheartxx Says:

    A quick question? How fast will the player move? I know in the first Mission Europa the player moved a bit slow. So will the player in Mission Europa 2 be quicker or at the same speed? Just wanted to know since I have been playing a lot of Call of Duty advance warfare and doom and the players move rather fast. I also love that you opted for the gore and the player has the ability to blow limbs off and leave a bloody mess. You should look at a couple of Doom:Brutal Doom videos and maybe draw inspiration for your gore ;).

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