Worked till midnight last night cleaning code

Some of the first code I wrote was a skeletal mesh combiner. Sadly with the cleaned up other systems I need to fix this one. I used to copy colliders into the constructed armature. Sadly it comes in all rotated wrong now and I do not want to add a bunch of game objects to rotate them for performance. So I am trying to start with the base skeleton and build it from there. The problem is when unity does not throw an error and does not render anything even though everything in breakpoints looks right it makes it hell to figure out what is wrong. I wish there was a debug mode for skeletal meshes and an official way to combine them. Not just the mesh!… Anyway it just takes time to slowly pull apart and find the issue. I am brkeaing up the huge class also into smaller chunks…anywho I am pouring time into ME2 and moving it along slowly =).


2 Responses to “Worked till midnight last night cleaning code”

  1. Bigeyedfish Says:

    All that was Klingon to me, but keep up the good work! I can’t wait!

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Lol there are some other tech heads wandering around that like techno babble like me =P…

      thanks and aI will!

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